Webinar Series: Becoming a Better Partner with Walmart Luminate

Walmart Luminate Training

Decision Support is ending in Q2 of 2024!

Learn how to harness the power of Walmart's latest data venture — Walmart Luminate.

This 3-hour LIVE webinar will introduce suppliers to the new Luminate portal, concentrating on the most popular version — Luminate Basic. Suppliers will learn the differences between Luminate and the legacy Decision Support application. This course will help suppliers gain critical insights into their Walmart business by creating and discussing many key performance reports, and giving you the tools to move forward by building your own custom report queries.

Attention: Currently, Walmart Luminate only applies to suppliers doing business with Walmart US. International suppliers should consider this workshop.

Course Highlights

• Decision Support vs Luminate
• Introduction to Walmart Luminate
• Navigating Report Builder
• Sales Reporting
• Forecast and Supply Plan
• Historic Performance Metrics
• Omnichannel Reporting
• Group Q&A

Walmart Luminate Training Schedule

A 10% discount applies for 3 or more participants. Discount will be applied during checkout.
Date/Time Course Price  
Jun 6 Walmart Luminate - Basic
$450 /person Purchase
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Course Requirements

Access to Luminate Basic. While access isn't required, attendees will have a much better training experience.

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