Webinar Series: Becoming a Better Partner with Walmart Luminate

Made for Walmart Suppliers to easily transition from Decision Support to Luminate

Take a live tour to see how our Monday Morning Luminate Dashboard can give your team a competitive edge.

Ready when you are

Sign in Monday morning and your data will be waiting for you!

At your fingertips

Make informed sales and replenishment decisions with key metrics and KPIs at your fingertips.

Elevate your business

Build a stronger relationship with your Buyer and Replenishment Manager at Walmart.

See it in action!

Take a free product tour to see how the Monday Morning Luminate Dashboard can help save you time and money.

Increase your sales velocity

Actionable retail analytics to increase your sales while balancing your inventory.

Critical replenishment insights

Replenishment is critical to profitability. Grow your margins with effective replenishment tools designed to increase on-shelf availability.

Optimize your team’s productivity

Save time on manual tasks, make key decisions with confidence, keep your team focused on the big picture, and let us take care of the rest!


Finally, a budget-friendly and flexible solution to help suppliers of all sizes succeed with Walmart.

Take a free tour to see the Monday Morning Luminate Dashboard in action — free for your first 30 days!

Take a free tour

Monday Morning Luminate Dashboard


USD / Month

  • A budget-friendly solution to the costly task of data extraction and analysis
  • Live Portal with synchronized metrics tailored to your needs
  • Actionable and granular insights, including Sales Velocity, Replenishment, Financials, and more
  • Daily scorecard sent directly to your email!
"I think of the Monday Morning Dashboard as an extension of my team. It has made it super easy to find the right insights – giving us 10x the amount of efficiency so we can focus on growing sales"

Take a free tour to see the Monday Morning Luminate Dashboard in action — and get free access for your first 30 days!

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