Webinar Series: Becoming a Better Partner with Walmart Luminate

Introduction to Retail Link – International

Get your feet wet in Introduction to Retail Link.

The objective of this LIVE webinar course is to provide a broad overview of the most common features and applications of Retail Link — including a deep dive into the Decision Support (DSS) report building application. This class centers on the fundamentals of Retail Link, allowing the student to gain knowledge of all of the features available within this powerful tool.

This class is only applicable to suppliers doing business with Walmart International. Walmart US suppliers are now using Walmart Luminate.

Course Highlights

• Supplier Expectations
• Basic navigation of Retail Link
• Introduction to Decision Support
• Quick Item Information Report
• Company Summary Report
• Store Detail Report
• Supplier Performance Scorecard
• Retail Math Overview
• Report Scheduling and Sharing
• Group Q&A

Introduction to Retail Link Training Schedule

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Course Requirements
  • Dual Monitors for best experience
  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Excel (or equivalent)
  • This class is suitable for suppliers and non-suppliers alike!
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