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Who Is My Walmart Buyer?

Enjoy this crowdsourced tool, powered by SupplyPike, to find contact information for all Walmart Buyers and other Home Office personnel

Posted on Feb 07, 2024 by Tim Carey

For new suppliers, getting in contact with Walmart Home Office Personnel can be challenging. It is one of the most common questions that we get asked.

Walmart doesn't publish a formal list of Walmart Buyers, Replenishment Managers, and Merchants — for all of the obvious reasons. However, sometimes suppliers need this information to explore opportunities with Walmart Departments outside of your current Department.

Fortunately, our friends at SupplyPike have developed a community-curated list of Walmart Buyers, Replenishment Managers, and Merchants. Simply select the Walmart Department of interest and see an extensive list of Walmart Home Office Contacts.

Have Some Information of Your Own?

Great! There is an option to update the public list with any changes to department personnel, contact information — even LinkedIn profiles!

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