The one place for all of your shipping documents.

Automate shipping document retrieval and organization with Document Explorer, so your shipping documents are always at the ready to dispute retail deductions.

One Single Portal

All of your shipping documents automatically organized in one place. Never have to manage multiple carrier portals again.

Hassle-Free Connections

Quickly and easily set up integrations across all major carriers and retailers. Practically zero setup time and little to no IT involvement.

Built for Retail Suppliers

Documents are automatically sorted by PO number and stored forever, making it simple to find the one you need.


Automatically retrieve documents

50 native carrier connections pull shipping documents across all of your carrier portals. No more sharing portal logins and hunting down documents. With a quick PO search, find the POD or BOL you need to dispute your retailer deductions.


Split massive files into simple documents tailored to your disputing needs

Many collect suppliers will scan BOLs in the warehouse, resulting in 100+ page documents. SupplyPike's proprietary OCR tech extracts the data you need to create new files with a Master and Individual BOL for each PO number.

Are you ready to get a handle on all of your shipping documents?

Contact us for more information about the Document Explorer application, including a thorough tour of the software, a free account consultation, and scalable pricing options.

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