Suppliers teaching suppliers!

In this 2-day workshop, suppliers will review Walmart's supplier expectations, learn how to navigate the core features of Retail Link and learn how to master powerful applications like Decision Support, SWAS and OTIF to retrieve actionable data relating to your Walmart business.

Suppliers will leave this workshop with a core set of "real-world" reports which can used in the management and growth of your Walmart business. Beyond simply running reports, the instructors will also review the reports and help identify specific insights into your account results.

These workshops are limited to 5 suppliers, ensuring ample time for in-depth Q&A.

Retail Link Success Workshop (US) Training Schedule

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Course Highlights

  • Supplier Expectations
  • Basic navigation of Retail Link
  • Business At A Glance
  • Introduction to Decision Support
  • Creating, Scheduling and Sharing DSS Reports
  • Market Basket Insights
  • Community Demographics
  • Historical Performance Trends
  • Corporate POS Forecast
  • Order Forecasting
  • Creating a Store Specific Order (SSO)
  • OTIF Fundamentals


  • Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Laptop with wireless capabilities
  • Microsoft Excel (or equivalent)
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