We are excited to announce that suppliers can now receive comprehensive training from our expert instructors LIVE online! These are the same courses taught in classrooms throughout the United States, without the need for travel.

These are full day classes, running from 10AM - 3:00PM CST with an hour break for lunch. Online courses come with complete, downloadable documentation. Class size is limited, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

Note: These classes are for suppliers doing business with Walmart US. Suppliers doing business with Walmart Canada should register for Canadian classes.

Upcoming Online Training Schedule

Class Date Price  
Accounting Fundamentals (WEB US)
Oct 19 – $300
Oct 19 $300 +Cart
Retail Link 101 (WEB US)
Oct 23 – $125
Oct 23 $125 +Cart
Retail Link 201 (WEB US)
Oct 24 – $125
Oct 24 $125 +Cart
OTIF Fundamentals (WEB US)
Oct 25 – $125
Oct 25 $125 +Cart
Retail Link 101 (WEB US)
Nov 15 – $125
Nov 15 $125 +Cart
Retail Link 201 (WEB US)
Nov 16 – $125
Nov 16 $125 +Cart
Accounting Fundamentals (WEB US)
Nov 30 – $300
Nov 30 $300 +Cart
Retail Link 101 (WEB US)
Dec 18 – $125
Dec 18 $125 +Cart
Retail Link 201 (WEB US)
Dec 19 – $125
Dec 19 $125 +Cart
OTIF Fundamentals (WEB US)
Dec 20 – $125
Dec 20 $125 +Cart


Online, Live Webinar


  • Authorized Retail Link Access
  • Laptop with wireless capabilities
  • Google Chrome is required for OTIF Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Excel (or equivalent)
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